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Month: May 2018

Police errors could impact your DUI case

After getting pulled over by a police officer, you may have had understandable worry that you could find yourself in a serious legal situation. After all, you had consumed a few alcoholic beverages earlier in the evening before getting behind the wheel. Though you did...

What you should know about breath test refusal

When a Florida police officer pulls over a driver thinking the motorist is intoxicated, the officer may subject the driver to a Breathalyzer test. However, reasoning that a breath test amounts to self-incrimination, the driver may refuse the test. Taking this action,...

Could a DUI affect me getting a job?

Getting pulled over and charged with driving under the influence is a bad enough situation, but when you consider the other effects it may have in your life, it can become a nightmare. Employers these days can look into almost every aspect of your life. They can...


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