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Police errors could impact your DUI case

After getting pulled over by a police officer, you may have had understandable worry that you could find yourself in a serious legal situation. After all, you had consumed a few alcoholic beverages earlier in the evening before getting behind the wheel. Though you did not think your abilities were impaired, you likely know that authorities can view situations differently than drivers.

What you should know about breath test refusal

When a Florida police officer pulls over a driver thinking the motorist is intoxicated, the officer may subject the driver to a Breathalyzer test. However, reasoning that a breath test amounts to self-incrimination, the driver may refuse the test. Taking this action, though, is not wise on several counts and may land the motorist who tries it in even worse trouble. Here are some facts you should know about refusing a breath test.

What is drug paraphernalia?

It is a crime in Florida to have drug paraphernalia in your possession. However, what is meant by this phrase is not always crystal clear. The Florida Statutes outline items that are considered drug paraphernalia under the law. Specifically, any item that is used to grow, create, cultivate, process, package or use drugs falls under this umbrella. 

Things you have a right to know, especially when facing arrest

An arrest in Louisiana or elsewhere is definitely no walk in the park. It can be downright embarrassing, not to mention have long-lasting and far-reaching consequences in your life. Depending on the particular details of your situation, you may wind up navigating the criminal justice system rather swiftly and, perhaps, never going to trial, or you may be headed for a long, arduous fight to preserve your freedom.  

Could a DUI affect me getting a job?

Getting pulled over and charged with driving under the influence is a bad enough situation, but when you consider the other effects it may have in your life, it can become a nightmare. Employers these days can look into almost every aspect of your life. They can discover even the most secret things about you. If you are trying to get a job with a Florida employer, your past DUI could spell trouble.

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