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3 FAQs about a drug charge in Florida

While the laws continue to change for marijuana possession, anyone without a medical marijuana card still faces potentially severe consequences. Those only increase for other types of drugs. The state has seen a downward trend in drug-related arrests. In 2020, the...

Do people with more assets fight more?

Having more assets is usually seen as a good thing. But what happens when having more assets actually contributes to a more vitriolic divorce? Popular myth states that people with more assets tend to have bigger fights when dividing assets in divorce. But how true is...

How do people hide assets?

Asset hiding has occurred alongside divorces for as long as property division itself has existed. To that end, anyone can hide assets for any reason, and it is important for everyone going into a divorce to know how to protect themselves. One of the best ways to do...

Can anything good come from a DUI charge?

Driving under the influence in Florida can turn your life upside down. You might doubt whether things will ever be the same as before. Maintaining a positive perspective has its challenges. However, optimism may help you see past the consequences and into the life...


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