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What can you expect from a DUI traffic stop?

A DUI traffic stop is frightening, especially if you do not know what to expect. Florida drunk driving laws are strict, and a conviction can lead to life-altering penalties. You may find it beneficial to understand what to expect from this type of traffic stop and the methods used to evaluate a driver's sobriety. 

Do harsh penalties reduce drunk driving?

One of the main ways that Florida has worked to combat drunk drivers on the roadways is through increased penalties and imposing harsher sentences on those convicted of drunk driving. However, you probably still hear a lot about drunk driving accidents and other related news, so do these harsh penalties really work? Are those who drink and get behind the wheel really paying attention to what could happen to them if they get caught? 

What is drug trafficking?

There are a variety of crimes that you could be charged with if you get found with drugs by law enforcement in Florida. One of those is drug trafficking, which according to the Florida Statutes, includes any instance involving more than the set amount of a drug where you are selling, making, transporting or buying it. The amount of the drug is dependent on the type of drug. In addition, the penalty is based on the type of drug and the amount.

What affects your BAC?

If you get pulled over because law enforcement thinks you may be intoxicated, you will typically be asked to take a test that measures your blood alcohol content. BAC levels are important in Florida because they determine if you are driving while under the influence and play into the penalties you could face if found guilty. However, BAC is hard to determine. You may feel fine but be over the legal limit. This is because, as the University of Notre Dame explains, your BAC is affected by a variety of factors. 

What you should know about drug paraphernalia

When it comes to the subject of illegal drugs, a lot of people in Florida generally only pay attention to the possessing of drugs alone. However, many Florida residents may not be aware of the prohibitions on drug paraphernalia. According to Findlaw, individuals may be arrested for possessing drug paraphernalia without actually having the drugs themselves.

Invalid traffic stops could lead to invalid DUI charges

An officer stopping you for a DUI in Florida is scary. The penalties associated with drunk driving are steep, and there is a lot at stake. Fortunately, there are laws and policies in place to protect the interests of motorists, including rules that state police must have valid grounds to make a traffic stop of a driver.

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