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October 2019 Archives

What is a child custody examination?

Child custody disputes are often hotly contested. In many cases, each parent believes he or she knows what is best for the child in question, but their visions don't always align. In fact, in many instances their beliefs about what are best for the child are completely opposite. When these child custody disputes can't be settled outside of court, the ultimate decision is left in the hands of a judge who knows very little, if anything, about the family. This is why a court, when requested by one of the parents, will sometimes order a child custody evaluation.

Drug crimes and the overdose defense

Drug overdoses are common reality in Florida. Sadly, fear of prosecution prevents many individuals from seeking help for themselves or others when an overdose is suspected. In fact, law enforcement officials often make arrests following an overdose. After all, there is usually ample evidence present at the scene of an overdose to prove that certain drug crimes have occurred.

Divorce, property division and family businesses

Recently on this blog we discussed how marital homes can be dealt with during the divorce process. Dividing assets like the marital home can be challenging given the value and the emotions attached to them. Yet, an individual cannot let sadness or anger blur their vision when it comes to property division. If they do, then they may wind up on the losing end of an agreement, which can set them on poor financial footing when they start their post-divorce life.

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