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February 2018 Archives

Children: The real victims of opioid epidemic

It's no secret that like every other state in the nation, Florida is struggling with the opioid epidemic. While much thought and work have gone into trying to find ways to stop the spread of drug use, restrict access and help those addicted to it, there is a group that has become the silent victims of the drug. This group is the children of those who use opioids. 

How can alcohol affect driving ability?

Some people may talk themselves into having just a couple of drinks before driving off onto a Florida road, thinking they will be fine behind the wheel. However, the truth is that it does not take much alcohol consumption to start impairing your ability to drive. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2016, 2,017 people died in drunk driving related accidents where the driver had just a low concentration of alcohol.

What are the penalties for some DUI convictions?

In Florida, drunk driving is a problem. The state works hard to enact penalties that will deter driving under the influence and make those who do it think twice before doing it again. If you are tempted to drive drunk, then you should consider what could happen to you if you are caught. 

Racial disparities in Florida drug crime sentencing

When it comes to drug crimes in Florida, the color of one’s skin may play a factor in the severity of sentence he or she receives. The criminal justice system is designed to prosecute all offenders equally, regardless of their sex, beliefs, creed, gender and skin color. However, the opioid crisis is causing many organizations to evaluate potential causes to develop more effective solutions. One cause involves discrimination.

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