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December 2017 Archives

Can a breathalyzer give a false positive?

If you are pulled over in Florida on suspicion of drunk driving, then you will likely be asked to take a breathalyzer test. This is when you breathe into a device that calculates the amount of alcohol in your system. However, the results of such tests may often be called into question because these tests can fail. In fact, according to ABC 7, there are specific things that could result in an inaccurate breathalyzer test. 

How do drug convictions affect student aid?

If you get a drug conviction in Florida, it could put your college plans in jeopardy. Drug crimes can affect your eligibility for financial aid, but this is something many students do not understand or even know about. Here's some helpful information you should know before you end up putting yourself at risk of being banned from financial aid.

Why do people have a hard time leaving an abusive relationship?

You have probably heard stories of people in Florida who have been severely injured by a partner. You may even have wondered why the person stayed in the relationship. This is a common thought for people who have never been in an abusive relationship. It is difficult to understand. However, there have been some reasons found through learning more about the dynamics of such a relationship.

Can I get a DUI without drinking alcohol?

You may think that you can avoid getting a DUI in Fort Myers if you do not drink alcohol before driving. But there are other ways you can end up with an operating a vehicle while impaired charge. The law does not limit impairment substances to just alcohol, states FindLaw. If you drive while you are under the influence of marijuana, illegal drugs, prescription medications and other substances, you could end up losing your driver’s license, spending some time behind bars, paying fines and fees and dealing with the lingering consequences of your actions. 

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