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April 2018 Archives

What is Amendment 2?

When it comes to the marijuana laws in Florida, there is a lot of confusion. You may have heard of Amendment 2, but that does not mean you clearly understand it because it is rather perplexing to pretty much everyone. According to the Orlando Weekly, Amendment 2, the Florida Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative, was passed in 2016, and created to legalize medical marijuana in the state. As simple as that sounds, this law created many questions.

How can I get a restraining order?

If you are a victim of domestic violence or have been threatened or harmed by someone else, then you may wish to file for a restraining order in Florida. Often referred to by the court as an injunction, this order allows you to legally prevent a person from coming near you or contacting you, according to the Lee County Clerk of Court. It is important to note that when you file for an injunction, you must provide details and information about yourself and the situation. The other person will also get a copy of all of this information. 

4 things to know about breath analysis tests

When a Floridian is pulled over and suspected of driving while under the influence, chances are high that they will soon be subjected to a breath analysis test. However, there are a few things all drivers should know about these breath tests before deciding their next course of action.

Are drug searches in schools legal?

If you are a parent in Florida, then you probably have been notified that your child's school has undergone a drug search by local law enforcement. Such searches are conducted often in school around the country as a way to keep drugs out of schools. However, you may wonder just how legal these searches are.

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