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We have deep ties to the community, we have represented clients in Southwest Florida for more than 25 years.

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We have deep ties to the community, we have represented clients in Southwest Florida for more than 25 years.

Photo of Ian F. Mann
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Aggressive Criminal Defense Based In Fort Myers

Serious criminal charges carry serious consequences — harsh penalties such as jail or prison, fines, and damage to your reputation.

When it comes time to defend yourself, don’t go into court unrepresented or unprepared. Your attorney should be well versed in the law, respected by prosecutors, and devoted to providing personal service to clients.

Don’t Take Chances When Your Freedom is on the Line

Fort Myers attorney Ian F. Mann is known throughout Southwest Florida for providing determined defenses to clients accused of criminal wrongdoing. His 25-plus years of criminal law practice and his experience of 130 jury trials give him the tools to provide the defense you deserve.

You owe it to yourself and your family to retain an experienced and skilled criminal defense lawyer. Contact us to discuss your case with attorney Ian F. Mann.

Criminal Defense Lawyer — Ian F. Mann, P.A.

Attorney Ian F. Mann helps clients in Fort Myers and throughout Southwest Florida who have been arrested or charged with crimes, including:

Ian F. Mann will answer your questions and explain your legal options. He works hard to refute or challenge every detail of the charges alleged against you. For example, if there was no probable cause to pull you over for DUI, or if there was not sufficient justification to conduct a search or seizure, he will work to have any evidence excluded or have the charges dismissed. He will do everything in his power to make sure your rights are respected and see to it that any helpful evidence is used in working toward your acquittal.

Injunctions and Restraining Orders

In addition to these matters, attorney Mann also helps individuals seeking, or defending against, injunctions or restraining orders. Attorney Mann is a former prosecutor who understands the importance of using protection orders in domestic disturbances, but he has also seen how restraining orders and injunctions can be abused by individuals hoping to harass another or gain an advantage in a divorce.

College Students

Many college students are charged with crimes such as drug possession, DUI, or property crimes while on spring break or while attending one of the many local colleges. Attorney Ian F. Mann can help you deal with the charges, and in some cases, has helped students avoid interrupting their education to return for court hearings.

Arrange Your Initial Consultation

In Lee County, call 239-935-5935, 866-416-1488 or e-mail us to arrange a initial consultation. We always respond promptly to your messages and can schedule an evening or weekend appointment if necessary.

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