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Florida’s child support payment options

If you are preparing to get a divorce and will owe child support in the near future or you currently have to make payments, it is crucial to understand the options you have. Going over different child support payment methods could simplify the process of paying...

Is joint custody beneficial?

Joint custody is an option that allows both parents to share legal custody of their child. This means they both have equal say in important life matters like their child’s religion, medical decisions, schooling decisions and more. Thus, it is an attractive option for...

Tips for successful co-parenting after divorce

Divorce is a big adjustment for the whole family. As you are getting used to living without your ex, your kids are getting used to not having both parents at all times. Co-parenting is about putting your kids first and making sure you meet their needs. 1. Communicate...

How do you tell your child about the split?

Going through a divorce is not only difficult on you and your spouse. It also affects your kids emotionally, mentally and on many other levels. As a parent, you want to reduce the impact and stress, but how can you? One of the best things you can do is start on a...


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