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Will parallel parenting work for you?

When you get through your divorce and enter the post-divorce period, it is common and even expected to still have lingering tensions and negative feelings toward your co-parent. Some people can adjust more quickly than others and move on to cooperative co-parenting in...

What is emotional cheating?

Infidelity can have a devastating impact on a marriage. However, not all cheating involves physical affairs. According to Healthline, relationships are also negatively impacted by emotional cheating. While falling short of physical infidelity, emotional affairs can...

A look at parenting time plans

Whether you recently finished the divorce process and have concerns about custody or visitation or you are thinking about ending your marriage and you worry about how the court will award custody, it is important to go over various legal topics related to custody. For...

How can you tell your children about your divorce?

Talking to your children about your upcoming divorce can potentially seem intimidating, but it does not have to be a negative experience. Staying respectful and open while discussing the topic can help reassure your children there is nothing to feel scared about. Stay...


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