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How do you tell your child about the split?

Going through a divorce is not only difficult on you and your spouse. It also affects your kids emotionally, mentally and on many other levels. As a parent, you want to reduce the impact and stress, but how can you? One of the best things you can do is start on a...

How can gray divorce impact you?

If you decide to divorce in your later years, you may have questions and concerns about what life will look like after the end of the process. While a lot of information about divorce focuses on younger people, you may wonder how it differs for you. Retirement...

What you need to know about filing for divorce

Divorce law in Florida requires one or both spouses to reside in the state for at least six months before filing a "Dissolution of Marriage" petition. In addition, spouses must attest that their marriage is irreparable. Meeting these requirements is a prerequisite to...

How can you make divorce less stressful?

Very few people progress through a divorce without feeling some negative emotions. Even amicable splits involve hurt feelings, anger, and resentment, which makes it more difficult to move forward in a positive way. While you cannot remove all stress and frustration...

Will parallel parenting work for you?

When you get through your divorce and enter the post-divorce period, it is common and even expected to still have lingering tensions and negative feelings toward your co-parent. Some people can adjust more quickly than others and move on to cooperative co-parenting in...


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