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Prescription medication, drug classifications and your case

Florida readers know that prescription drug abuse is a widespread problem, both in the state and across the country. As a result, law enforcement is working hard to curtail the improper use and illegal distribution of prescription drugs, and crimes associated with prescription fraud or abuse can come with steep penalties if convicted. 

Can you get a DUI if you are not driving a vehicle?

It is a common misunderstanding that a drunk driving charge in Florida can only occur if you are behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. This comes from not understanding the law completely. If you want to avoid a DUI on your record, it is a good idea to become more familiar with what the state has to say about operating a range of different modes of transportation while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Can you be charged with a DUI for prescribed drugs?

Everyone knows that drunk driving and driving under the influence of illegal drugs are huge no-nos in Florida, but do you also know the risks of driving while under the influence of prescription drugs? Law enforcement can stop you and arrest you for driving under the influence of any substance, which includes prescription drugs, according to the New York Times. If you are displaying signs that you are not coherent or focused behind the wheel, expect to be pulled over. Law enforcement's main job is to protect everyone on the roadways and if you cannot drive safely, they will remove you from those roadways.

What are some field sobriety tests?

If you are pulled over under the assumption you are driving drunk, then you may be asked by Florida law enforcement to take the standardized field sobriety test. This is a test that includes three tasks you must complete. It helps the officer to determine if you are indeed intoxicated. 

What happens domestic violence is reported?

Law enforcement in Florida take domestic violence situations quite seriously. If you call them to report an incident, you should expect immediate action. According to the University of Florida, domestic violence is considered criminal and not civil. This means that if law enforcement is called and there is evidence of what happened, someone will most likely go to jail. It also means you no longer have control over what happens if you were the one reporting the incident. The prosecutor will take over and press charges even if you do not want that to happen. 

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