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Could a DUI affect me getting a job?

Getting pulled over and charged with driving under the influence is a bad enough situation, but when you consider the other effects it may have in your life, it can become a nightmare. Employers these days can look into almost every aspect of your life. They can discover even the most secret things about you. If you are trying to get a job with a Florida employer, your past DUI could spell trouble.

According to PBS, if an employer does a background check, your DUI will most likely show up. Whether your employer does a criminal history check or simply looks through your social media, it will usually have little trouble learning that you have a DUI in your past. How the employer reacts to this information, though, depends.

Obviously, if you are trying to get a job that requires driving of any kind, even if it is just driving to appointments, then the DUI could mean you won’t get the job. An employer wants to know you are trustworthy behind the wheel, and a DUI works against that. If the job does not involve driving, the DUI may still be considered as a moral fault, costing you the job.

Not every employer will care or even take the time to research your background. However, it is best to be prepared to explain your DUI history. Be ready to answer questions and demonstrate how the DUI does not define you as a worker. Putting the employer’s mind at ease can go along way towards helping you land the job. This information is for education and is not legal advice.


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