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Drug Crimes

3 FAQs about a drug charge in Florida

While the laws continue to change for marijuana possession, anyone without a medical marijuana card still faces potentially severe consequences. Those only increase for other types of drugs. The state has seen a downward trend in drug-related arrests. In 2020, the...

A shift in the opioid epidemic

An epidemic of opioid availability and non-prescribed use has been sweeping the country for years. Recently, some healthcare companies have faced consequences for their alleged contributions. One of the most visible drugs in this epidemic is OxyContin. It has been a...

Do you qualify for drug court in Lee County?

Some people facing criminal charges related to substance abuse are eligible for Lee County drug court. This voluntary program provides intensive treatment for individuals who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. If you have pending felony charges in Lee County,...

Penalties for drug trafficking on Florida

You could receive drug trafficking charges in Florida for possession with intent to distribute. Depending on the amount, the substance and other factors, conviction results in mandatory minimum jail time and other penalties. Review the legal consequences of drug...


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