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We have deep ties to the community, we have represented clients in Southwest Florida for more than 25 years.

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Police errors could impact your DUI case

After getting pulled over by a police officer, you may have had understandable worry that you could find yourself in a serious legal situation. After all, you had consumed a few alcoholic beverages earlier in the evening before getting behind the wheel. Though you did not think your abilities were impaired, you likely know that authorities can view situations differently than drivers.

If police conducted a breath test or had you participate in field sobriety tests and your results were not satisfactory, the officer likely placed you under arrest on charges of DUI. While you may begin to feel a sense of panic, you do not have to resign yourself to a negative outcome. You still have the chance to defend against any allegations brought against you.

Police officer mistakes

While you may regret your mistake of not catching a ride with a friend rather than getting behind the wheel, you may find respite in possible mistakes made by the arresting officer or other authorities involved in your case. You may feel some surprise in the fact that your charges could potentially be reduced or thrown out altogether if authorities mishandled any part of your case.

Some common police errors that could impact your case include:

  • Improper administration of breath test or field sobriety tests
  • Lack of reasonable suspicion for stopping your vehicle
  • Lack of probable cause for placing you under arrest for DUI
  • Issues relating to the breath test equipment
  • Broken chain-of-command when handling evidence
  • Sloppy police reports
  • Lack of proper paperwork

Some police errors occur more often than others, and your case will need a close evaluation to determine whether any mistakes occurred in relation to your arrest or the actions that followed. If some questionable actions did take place, you may have the ability to use that information as part of your criminal defense.

Building your defense

Because you may not have an extensive knowledge regarding proper police procedures and your rights during an arrest, it may help you to obtain more information on these areas. Additionally, professional assistance could also allow you to better understand your legal options and strategies that could give you the opportunity to build a meaningful defense.

In the event that no errors are found in relation to your case, you still have a variety of options for defending against the allegations.


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