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A shift in the opioid epidemic

An epidemic of opioid availability and non-prescribed use has been sweeping the country for years. Recently, some healthcare companies have faced consequences for their alleged contributions.

One of the most visible drugs in this epidemic is OxyContin. It has been a factor in many thousands of legal and health problems associated with people using opioids without a prescription.

Background for the spread of OxyContin

OxyContin is a brand-name version of oxycodone, which is a semi-synthetic opioid. Healthcare providers have used it for many years in the same way they would prescribe other powerful pain-relief substances.

One of the legal issues that surrounded the proliferation of OxyContin was the claim that Purdue had not provided an accurate portrayal of the risk of addiction. A main argument was that, had people known the risks, they might have prescribed or used the drug differently.

Closure of Purdue and opioid settlement

Along with the bankruptcy of Purdue, the family in charge of the company also had some legal issues. A recent major development in one of those cases was a multi-billion-dollar opioid settlement.

The settlement money should help combat opioid addiction across the country. The goal is to lessen the impact this epidemic has had on so many lives — and could continue to have in the future.

Possession and sale charges are still serious

Unfortunately for many Florida residents who might be suffering due to this epidemic, leniency is not common in the courts. In fact, sentencing guidelines for prescription drug offenses are the same for people struggling with addiction as they are for people suspected of selling the drugs.


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