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What can you expect from a DUI traffic stop?

A DUI traffic stop is frightening, especially if you do not know what to expect. Florida drunk driving laws are strict, and a conviction can lead to life-altering penalties. You may find it beneficial to understand what to expect from this type of traffic stop and the methods used to evaluate a driver's sobriety. 

Drywall means 90 days in jail on charges of drug possession

What comes to your mind when presented with the phrase "white powdery substance?" The ambiguity can lead to many different images such as an ordinary household item like wheat flour or laundry soap. For those with wandering minds, it could also evoke something more risqué like cocaine. What does it mean to you?

30 people arrested for drug trafficking in Florida

A large police operation recently included officials from both Florida and another state. The effort reportedly resulted in the arrest of as many as 30 people across the two states. Those arrested have been accused of participating in a drug trafficking operation.

New Florida law aimed at avoiding some drug possession charges

A new Florida law that is set to go into effect in early October may make it easier for a person to call 911 without the criminal ramifications if they witness or experience a drug overdose. This is because the individual who reports the overdose will not be charged with a drug possession crime as a result of their call for medical help. The new law is called the 911 Good Samaritan Act.

Man surrenders in Florida and faces drug trafficking charges

It took 17 years to find him, but Florida officials recently arrested a man they claim conspired to bring drugs into our state. The man surrendered to authorities in Fort Lauderdale after allegedly spending the nearly two decades on the run. He will now face drug trafficking charges that include bringing heroin and cocaine into the state.

Florida man faces drug trafficking charges after traffic stop

A man is facing several criminal charges after he was pulled over in his vehicle recently. According to Florida police, the drug trafficking charges arise from when police were on their way to the man's residence to execute a warrant. As they approached the residence, police say they saw the man drive away from his home. Police subsequently stopped the car and placed the man, identified as being 29 years old, into custody.

Florida doctors accused of substantial prescription drug crime

Regular Florida readers may know that there have been several arrests in recent months of local doctors. In most of these arrests, the doctors have been accused of running 'pill mills' and face prescription drug crime charges. Recently another clinic was raided in our state which led to police arresting seven additional doctors.

Florida drug possession law: no intent needed?

It may seem logical to Florida readers to think that a person cannot be convicted of a crime if they do not know that they are committing it. However, for some offenses, our state disagrees. In fact, this is in contrast with 48 other states across the nation. Here in our state, if you are found to have drugs in your possession, even if you were not aware that you had them, you can be convicted of drug possession charges.

University of Miami employee charged with prescription drug crime

A Florida man was recently arrested at his place of work and accused of costing the University of Miami over $14 million over a three year period. The charges against him in relation to the alleged prescription drug crime include two counts of trafficking in contraband prescription drugs, four counts of grand theft and one count of dealing in stolen property. Police say that the man took cancer drugs from UM and sold them to another individual.

Florida Highway Patrol trooper accused of prescription drug crime

Police officers are entrusted with enforcing the laws of the communities that they serve, and the public relies on them to ensure public safety and to maintain the peace. When a police officer is accused of a crime, the shockwaves are felt throughout the community. Residents can feel betrayed, and many express doubt in the systems in place that claim to serve and protect. For the officer involved, such a claim can be devastating, both personally and professionally. Florida residents may be aware that a Florida Highway Patrol trooper has been arrested and charged with a prescription drug crime.

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