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Posts tagged "Drug charge"

Prescription drug possession: Protecting your legal rights

Accusations relating to prescription drugs could result in stiff fines, probation, jail time and community service punishments if a conviction occurs. When prescription drug possession and other types of drug charges arise, however, accused individuals will not be found guilty until -- and only if -- they are proved to be so beyond a reasonable doubt in court. Until that point, Florida residents will have the opportunity to defend themselves against the charges.

Florida prescription drug possession charges

Florida residents of all ages depend on prescription drugs for their health. However, prescription drugs are also heavily regulated and if a person is arrested and accused of unlawful prescription drug possession, a conviction could result in serious punishments. Due to the prevalence and wide variety of prescription drugs available, it is not uncommon for Florida residents to be accused of illegal prescription drug possession inappropriately. With a well organized criminal defense, these individuals are often able to get their charges dropped or dismissed.

Florida doctors face prescription drug crime charges

Two Florida doctors are among the last of defendants who have gone through the trial process after police say that they committed drug related crimes while employed at a local 'pill-mill'. The doctors are accused of prescription drug crime relating to the use of oxycodone of their patients. In total, 32 people have been charged after a sting-style operation by police, a report indicates.

Florida man faces drug possession charges after traffic stop

Florida readers may remember the horrific story of a young man in our state being set on fire. That incident occurred in 2009 when the victim was 15 years old. He was said to have been set aflame by classmates that were mad at him for reporting an attempted bicycle theft. Now, the young man who was the victim of that crime has been charged with crimes himself, including drug possession.

Florida prescription drug crime law could change

Many readers in Florida know that our state suffers with high numbers of people who are involved in prescription drug crime. What they may not know is that the individuals who are accused of prescription drug crime and found guilty can be subject to minimum sentencing laws. These laws require that people spend time in jail. However, for at least some of them, that could be set to change.

30 people arrested for drug trafficking in Florida

A large police operation recently included officials from both Florida and another state. The effort reportedly resulted in the arrest of as many as 30 people across the two states. Those arrested have been accused of participating in a drug trafficking operation.

Florida man accused of being involved in drug sales

In an unusual case coming out of Florida, police say that a man has been arrested for assisting in what he thought were drug deliveries. The man has been accused of acting as an armed guard for an informant that he thought was involved in drug sales. The man is now facing multiple criminal charges after being arrested as a part of a recent federal sting operation.

Florida prescription drug crime charges can come at every age

Florida readers may be interested to learn that as many as 2,500 teenagers use prescription drugs for the first time each day, according to one report. Some of these kids may end up facing prescription drug crime charges as a result of the use of such drugs. Others may find that they require services of one of the many programs popping up aimed at ending this type of drug abuse.

Florida man faces drug possession charges after traffic stop

In many cases, a simple traffic stop leads police in our state to suspect the presence or use of drugs. This is what happened recently after a police stop for a traffic offense. Now, a Florida man has been charged with crimes related to drug possession after cocaine and marijuana was allegedly discovered in his vehicle.

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