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Florida’s child support payment options

If you are preparing to get a divorce and will owe child support in the near future or you currently have to make payments, it is crucial to understand the options you have. Going over different child support payment methods could simplify the process of paying support and reduce your chances of becoming delinquent. While many parents pay support via income withholding, some need to find alternative methods, such as those who lost their job and self-employed individuals.

It is crucial to review various issues with regard to different payment methods, such as processing times and fees that you could incur.

Paying child support through Florida’s online portal

The Florida Department of Revenue states that parents can use their credit card, debit card or an electronic check to pay child support through the State Disbursement Unit’s website. The state processes these payments in two business days and charges a 2.5% fee for credit card or debit card payments (electronic check payments do not result in fees).

Other ways you can pay child support

Depending on your circumstances, you could find that paying child support in person or by mail is more convenient. You can use cash to pay at certain retail locations around the state, mail a payment to the Florida State Disbursement Unit or use a money transfer service to fulfill your child support obligations. However, you should note that payments made through a money transfer service can take seven business days to process, so make sure you pay in advance.

Regardless of the way in which you pay child support, paying what you owe on time is paramount.


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