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When will recreational soft drug possession be legal in Florida?

In 2014, the state of Florida legalized the medicinal soft drug use of cannabis. Despite the progression of health-related laws, however, this form of soft drug use for recreational intent remains a criminal offense in the Sunshine State. As local and state jurisdictions loosen possession laws around the United States, many Floridians wonder when having recreational soft drugs as cannabis will no longer be a crime.

The truth is, the progression of drug laws around the country and across the globe has been full of inconsistencies and gray areas. Although Florida has experienced substantial financial success with its medicinal soft drug market thus far, the future timeline of the state’s recreational market remains murky.

The medicinal industry’s financial success does not translate

In Florida, the medicinal soft drug market is exploding. As the third-largest medicinal cannabis market in the U.S. by annual sales, the state only stands behind California and Colorado in financial success. With this in mind, many investors are eyeing the recreational market with hope, but prohibitive legal hurdles still limit progress.

Recent Supreme Court actions have slowed progress

Even though the state has had a promising economic experience with its medicinal market, the Florida Supreme Court recently invalidated a recreational soft drug ballot proposal that citizens had brought forward. Because this move slows legislative action on efforts to end prohibition, Floridians may not see recreational legalization until 2024.

If you are wondering when recreational soft drug possession will be legal in Florida, you are not alone. It may not be for a few more years, though, so the best way to avoid unwanted legal trouble is by following the law while possession of recreational soft drugs remains a crime.


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