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Can mediation help your child through the custody process?

When making life plans with a spouse, you likely do not factor in the possibility of getting a divorce. Unfortunately, this is the reality that many people face every day: having to restructure their plans around a split.

This is especially difficult if you have children that you do not want to hurt in the divorcing process. Fortunately, if you can work with your co-parent, it is possible to use mediation as a way to ease them through this transition.

The benefits of mediation

Live About takes a look at some of the ways child custody mediation may help everyone involved. The biggest benefit of mediation is always the avoidance of the courtroom. Taking your divorce to court will cost time, money and effort, and on top of that, it tends to exacerbate issues that you and your co-parent already have with one another.

What other ways can it help?

Mediation instead fosters cooperation and compromise, which can help greatly when planning how to tackle raising your child jointly after the finalization of your divorce. Mediation holds other benefits in addition to this, including:

  • Working toward agreements without worries of negotiations ending poorly, thanks to the monitoring of a third party
  • Reducing stress surrounding divorce, thus freeing up resources and energy to better help your child through it
  • Staying focused on the task at hand through the mediator’s help rather than getting caught up in arguments
  • Focusing on creating the best outcome for your child

You can lay the foundation for a mutually satisfactory and successful relationship with your co-parent through mediation, too. This is crucial if you want to provide a stable future for your child.


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