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Is mediation the best divorce option for the two of you?

In ending your marriage, you and your spouse may have some serious disagreements to resolve. 

You may think the logical approach to divorce is litigation and you will address your disagreements in court. However, you might consider mediation as an effective and less contentious option. 

Following rules

In the state of Florida, the judge will require a divorcing couple to try mediation before litigation, hoping that they can iron out their differences outside of court. If mediation does not work, a  traditional divorce in court is still possible. However, mediation is a less stressful, expensive and time-consuming alternative that has become popular for divorcing couples of all ages and economic levels. 

Prompting discussion

Communication is key in divorce mediation. The mediator will facilitate discussion and ensure that the parties understand every point made. The mediator also provides information about the legal system and helps the couple find solutions to issues that arise. In more complex cases, the mediator can bring in outside resources such as accountants, appraisers or social workers to assist the couple as they work toward creating their divorce agreement. 

Taking control

Some couples worry that their divorce is too complicated for mediation, but they worry unnecessarily. Couples who wish to take control of their own divorce rather than having to follow the decisions of a judge rely on the power of communication and the guidance provided by a neutral third party to create a divorce agreement that is satisfactory to both parties. Divorcing parents find that mediation is not only less stressful than litigation for their children, it also provides a better foundation for sound family relationships going forward. 


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