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Should you and your ex-spouse share custody?

Florida parents going through divorce have more troubles than childless couples. You must manage your own assets and affairs. On top of that, you must also decide how to handle caring for your child.

Joint or shared custody is not always a realistic possibility. But if it is in the cards for you, you may want to give it serious consideration. After all, joint custody may benefit your child in many ways.

Joint custody tied to better mental health

Divorce Magazine discusses the benefits of shared custody for your child. Studies show that children of joint custody enjoy a higher level of stability. This is on mental and emotional levels. Their sole custody counterparts often struggle with high levels of depression and anxiety. They also suffer from a higher rate of severe psychological issues. This may include post traumatic stress disorder.

Children of joint custody do not struggle as much with social or behavioral problems. They do not have as much trouble connecting with peers. They do not oppose authority as much. This means they do not get into trouble at school as often. They do not argue with you as much. Studies often attribute this to the structure that joint custody provides.

Stability provided by joint custody

Divorce changes a child’s life irreversibly. But shared or joint custody is often more familiar than sole custody. There is a base level of comfort present in it. Both parents still hold deep involvement in the child’s life. Both are still around in trying times.

Besides the emotional and mental support, joint custody also provides financial support. Both parents are able to pitch in more money to help raise the child. This allows them to enjoy a more comfortable life.


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