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What does the law say on drunk driving?

A recent study done by two road safety organizations has come up with stunning revelations on DUI offenses in cities such as Fort Myers, Florida.

The studies done by Governors Highway Safety Organization and National Transportation Safety Organization reveal that 1.5 million Americans are charged each year with DUI offense. The most alarming is the revelation that 10 000 people lose their lives each year to accidents caused by drunk driving.

You, therefore, need to critically evaluate your ability to drive once you have had one too many for the road. A critical question you should ask yourself before you get behind the wheel is whether you are fit to drive.

If you are caught up in a DUI offense, you could find yourself facing severe DUI penalties, which may include hefty fines or suspension of your driver’s license.

Once you are arrested for drunken driving, the first thing you should do is to post bail to regain your freedom. Once you are out, you should focus your energy and resources on coming up with a strong defense strategy for the upcoming case.

The most critical evidence a state prosecutor will use to convince the court that you were driving while intoxicated is the results of the Field Sobriety Tests (FST). If your blood test or breathalyzer shows a 0.008 or above BAC at the time of arrest, then your goose is cooked. It is enough evidence to have you locked up in jail for some period.

You, therefore, need to contact a reliable guarantor from your neighborhood to help you set bail and regain your freedom as soon as you are booked in by the arresting officer.


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