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Florida’s penalties for domestic violence

It is not uncommon for people who spend a lot of time together to have disagreements. Spouses, dating partners, siblings and parents and their children can all butt heads over a variety of issues. Most often, these disputes end with harsh words and bitter feelings and the damage heals over time. In some instances, though, these disagreements turn into physical altercations. When this happens, allegations of criminal wrongdoing can be raised. Failing to aggressively defend one’s self against such charges may result in the imposition of serious penalties.

An individual who is convicted of domestic battery can face not only serious penalties, but also multiple penalties. Of course, conviction can lead to time spent behind bars, whether in county jail or a state prison. Also, though, a conviction usually results in the imposition of mandatory participation in a 26-week batterer’s intervention program. Failing to complete this program may lead to additional penalties.

But, that is not all. An individual who is convicted of domestic violence will also have to serve some time, usually a year’s worth, on probation. A no contact order will likely be issued between the convicted individual and the alleged victim and the convicted individual’s right to legally carry a weapon may be revoked. In addition to these criminal penalties, incidences of domestic violence can have a profound impact on any pending family law matters and they can ruin one’s reputation and job prospects.

All of this is to say that there is a lot on the line when allegations of domestic violence are raised. This is why Floridians who find themselves in this position need to do everything they can to protect themselves. To do so, they may have to put forth evidence showing that they were acting in self-defense, that the alleged victim was not injured or that the dispute in question never even happened. Qualified criminal defense attorneys stand ready to help build these arguments.


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