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What does the Federal drug policy change mean for Florida?

Recently, it was announced that the federal government was going to change its longstanding policy about state marijuana laws. This is a concern if you live in Florida and use marijuana under the state’s law. What does this policy change mean for you? Could you face drug charges by legally using marijuana under state law?

According to ABC News, the federal law has remained that marijuana is an illegal substance, but states are making laws that legalize it. Due to this discrepancy, the federal government has been leaving things to the states and not stepping in to make arrests, even though it technically could. However, it was recently announced the federal government is going to start cracking down on the illegal use of marijuana. 

You, as a personal user, are not likely to see any changes. The federal government will probably not go after private citizens using marijuana legally under state law. The main concern is for distributors and manufacturers. The Feds may step in there and start raiding businesses.

There is plenty of controversy surrounding the policy change. Some think it is an invasion of state’s rights. Others feel it is necessary to crack down on driving under the influence of the drug, which they say has increased with legalization. Some law enforcement is happy about the change because they need help managing illegal grow operations.

The bottom line it seems is this policy change is going to focus mostly on illegal growers and distributors, leaving those abiding by state laws along. So, you probably have nothing to worry about. This information is for education and is not legal advice. 


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