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When medicine, federal law and drug crimes collide

Many Florida residents are glad to know that medical use of marijuana is now allowed in this state. However, a lot of people are confused because they’ve been told that all possession, sale and use of marijuana remains illegal under federal law. It’s a complicated situation that has led to people beings accused of drug crimes on more than one occasion.

There’s ample evidence that cannabis and THC have many potentially medically beneficial side effects when used for such purposes. For instance, many studies show that cancer chemotherapy patients experience relief from nausea and vomiting when they use cannabis during treatments. Since THC apparently stimulates appetite, it is now thought to be of benefit to those suffering from anorexia, a serious eating disorder.

Some studies show therapeutic effects of marijuana use as well. Many Alzheimer’s patients and others with Tourette’s syndrome report relaxing side effects of cannabis use and that they have alleviated negative symptoms they often experience from their conditions. This all sounds good until someone gets pulled over by police and charged with drug crimes for having marijuana in his or her possession.

If a person driving in Florida is facing charges for drug crimes involving marijuana that a specially licensed doctor prescribed to help treat a particular medical condition, it may be possible to rectify the situation in court. Since state and federal laws are in conflict regarding marijuana production, possession, distribution and use, it’s typically best to secure experienced assistance before attempting to avoid conviction. An attorney can address the specific points of law that favor a client’s position and increase the chances of obtaining a positive outcome.

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