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Know what qualifies as domestic violence

While many Florida residents are only familiar with the physical form of domestic violence, the truth is that there many different actions that can be considered a type of this kind of abuse. If you have been accused of this crime, you may be wondering whether what you did is actually domestic violence. We at Ian F. Mann can fight for your rights and ensure that you are treated fairly in a court of law.

According to Findlaw, abuse can come in many different forms. You may be accused of psychologically injuring another person by isolating them, destroying property or using intimidation. In some cases, even injuring yourself can be considered a form of psychological abuse. Emotional abuse is similar, although it can also include actions like name-calling, criticism and other methods of destroying a person’s self-esteem.

Some also claim that they were victims of economic abuse. Actions such as denying access to certain funds or maintaining financial control can be considered domestic violence. Cyberstalking is another form and can happen if you repeatedly email or message someone and cause them emotional distress.

Stalking someone’s home or place of employment can also be considered abuse, as can threats of any kind. Physical abuse is the most well-known form, but the actions involved are not as clear. In addition to violent behavior, such as slapping, burning, biting or pinching, this type includes forcing someone to use alcohol or drugs and denying medical treatment. For more information on the types of abuse that qualify as domestic violence, please visit our web page.


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