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Drug trafficking basics

Charges are filed and the handcuffs are in place. Florida law enforcement officers have determined that an individual has been engaged in drug trafficking activity and should therefore be placed under arrest. While this may sound like an evening drama, it is real life that is played out on a regular basis throughout the state. Perhaps the most important question, though, is whether the accused individual is actually guilty of the charges.

Florida law specifically addresses drug trafficking. It is against the law for an individual to knowingly bring illicit drugs into Florida. In addition, it is against the law for an individual to possess them with the intention of selling these items.

However, not every individual who is accused of drug trafficking is guilty of the crime. In order to prove their case, prosecutors must be able to show that the individual intended to sell the drugs rather than keep them for personal use. In addition to reviewing the evidence in the case, the individual’s defense team will also want to verify that the individual is not the victim of police entrapment and that any potential evidence was legally obtained.

When one is accused of drug trafficking in Florida, he or she will want a skilled defense team reviewing the evidence. Once this has been done, recommendations regarding how to best address the situation can be made. Depending upon the type and quantity of drug, there may be minimum sentencing requirements if convicted. Drug trafficking charges are a serious matter, and it is usually in the individual’s best interest to have someone on his or her side.

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