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Home break-in leads to drug trafficking arrest

On any given day, homes throughout Florida will be broken into. The family will arrive home, realize what has happened and call the police. When law enforcement officers arrive, they will often take statements from the individuals who discovered the break-in, and they will often search the premises to recover evidence and make sure the thieves are gone. During this search of the property, it is possible that the officers will also discover other things that have been going on at the home that may be illegal, such as drug trafficking.

Recently, a Florida home was broken into, and the police were notified. When police arrived, the man lived in the home allowed them to search the property. As police were doing so, the man slipped out the back door and ran off. That is when officers discovered what they believe to be heroin and cocaine.

The woman who also lived in the home was employed by the Department of Children and Families as an investigator. She was arrested and charged with drug trafficking. In addition, her 3-year-old child was taken into protective custody. DCF indicates that the woman was also discharged as a result of the investigation.

When one is accused of drug trafficking in Florida, there will be many obstacles to overcome. In a situation such as this one, the accused woman is facing drug trafficking charges as well as the loss of her employment and possibly her child. The other individual, once apprehended, may face similar charges. Both individuals will want experienced legal counsel guiding each of them through the legal process.

Source:, “DCF worker arrested for drug trafficking”, Feb. 21, 2017


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