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Woman convicted of drug trafficking in Florida

In addition to being an illegal drug, heroin is considered to be a deadly substance. During 2015, 28 residents of a four-county area in Northwest Florida died as the result of using heroin. Due to its deadly nature and status as an illegal drug, Florida law enforcement officers actively pursue those whom it believes are involved in drug trafficking with heroin as one of the substances.

In late 2015, one Florida woman was arrested and charged with trafficking heroin. According to reports, officers charged into her home and presented a search warrant. At the time of her arrest, officers searched her home and confiscated what they claim are large quantities of heroin, methamphetamine and PCP. In fact, officers state that the amount of heroin seized was enough for 460 uses and the largest amount seized at one time in that particular county.

According to the Santa Rosa Chief Assistant Florida State Attorney, the woman was considered to be a drug dealer. She was brought before a Florida court and sentenced to 33 years in prison in addition to a monetary fine. This 33-year term brings with it 28 years of mandatory incarceration.

Charges of drug trafficking should not be taking lightly. The potential consequences can have a long-term and lasting effect on those charged and convicted. For this reason, if one is charged, he or she will want to work with an experienced defense team. This team will be able to review the evidence that prosecutors claim establish guilt. Additionally, the defense team will work to safeguard one’s rights throughout the entire process.

Source:, “Woman sentenced in Santa Rosa’s biggest heroin bust”, Tom McLaughlin, Dec. 29, 2016


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