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Florida doctor faced federal drug charge

When one first begins to feel ill, he or she will usually take an over-the-counter medication. After a few days of feeling ill, many Florida residents will eventually decide that it is time to go see a doctor. In doing so, they expect that the doctor will determine the problem and prescribe medication to solve the problem. A prescription is usually written, and the patient picks the prescription up at a local drug store. This is the legal way in which drugs are prescribed for patients, and a federal drug charge does not become an issue.

One of the requirements for a doctor prescribing medication for a patient is that he has reason to believe that the patient actually needs the medication. This is often determined by examining the patient and his or her medical history. Additionally, in some cases, physicians will keep some medications at their office as a convenience for their patients.

Recently, a Florida doctor and his assistant were arrested and charged with illegally providing prescription drugs to patients. After receiving information that this was occurring, law enforcement officers began investigating and even posed as patients. The two individuals have been accused of selling human growth hormone and other prescription drugs to patients for whom either an examination was not performed or for whom the prescription was not written.

A federal drug charge is a serious matter. In a case like this one, the accused can expect to have to answer to the charges before a federal judge within the state of Florida. When one is accused, he or she will want to work with an experienced legal team to determine how best to respond to the charges.

Source:, “Wilton Manors doctor and assistant illegally sold human growth hormone, other drugs, feds say”, Paula McMahon, Jan. 12, 2017


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