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Drug possession conviction brings serious consequences

Florida, like many states, has taken a strong stance against drugs. In light of this, law enforcement officers remain on the lookout for those that they suspect of drug offenses. Some of these offenses involve large amounts of drugs and money. However, others are perhaps an experiment with something new. Regardless, a Florida conviction for drug possession as well as other drug related charges brings with it some serious consequences.

In addition to the expected costs, including bail and court fees, one may end up serving jail time as the result of a drug possession conviction. Once released, the individual will most likely be on probation and have to meet specific requirements. Many times these requirements include staying away from drugs as well as finding a job.

However, one other consequence that often goes along with a drug conviction is Florida’s automatic one–year drivers’ license suspension for drug convictions. Dating back to the 1991 federal “war on drugs,” the state of Florida began suspending drivers’ licenses for all drug convictions. While on the surface this may appear to act as a deterrent, some believe that it actual leads to continued criminal activity. The rationale for this belief is that without a driver’s license, it is difficult to obtain and keep a job.

In light of the serious consequences that can be attached to a Florida drug possession conviction, these charges should not be taken lightly. When one is charged, he or she will most likely benefit from working with experienced legal counsel. Such counsel will be able to review the evidence and offer guidance as to the best way to proceed.

Source:, “Florida a leader in suspending drivers’ licenses for non-driving-related drug offenses”, William Patrick, Dec. 21, 2016


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