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Traffic stop leads to drug possession charge

Flashing blue lights can be a scary sight for many Florida drivers. One’s stomach clenches and thoughts of “what is wrong” flood the mind. Any time a driver sees these flashing lights in the rearview mirror, fear sets in and rational thought can easily go by the wayside. Random thought regarding what police could be looking for run through the mind – drunk driving, drug possession or a variety of other possibilities.

In one recent incident, the driver of a rental car apparently became scared when he saw flashing lights. According to police reports, they noticed a driver acting in a reckless manner. As they attempted to stop the driver, he dashed out of the vehicle and hid from authorities. He was discovered hiding along the side of a building and was arrested.

Police indicate that during a search of the vehicle they discovered a variety of drugs, including cocaine and prescription drugs along with a gun. According to police reports, the gun was laying in view on the floorboard of the car. Drugs were supposedly discovered in the car’s center console and in a bag on the passenger side front seat. The individual found hiding along the side of the building is assumed to be the driver and has been charged with drug possession as well as a variety of other charges.

The fact that the driver of the vehicle ran after he was stopped by Florida police may make him appear to be guilty. However, no one knows what was running through his head as this traffic stop took place. Guilt or innocence will need to be determined in a Florida court. However, prior to appearing before a judge, someone in a situation similar to this and charged with drug possession will want to discuss the situation with experienced legal counsel.

Source:, “Driver takes off running, leaves drugs and gun”, Dec. 12, 2016


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