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Drug possession raid resembles television action show

It sounds like something off of a television action show. Police roar up to the house in an armored vehicle surrounded by a battery of police cars. Officers surround the home and order the occupants to open up. No one responds; therefore, police prepare to storm inside. Then, as the door slowly opens, the Florida officers charge inside in search of drugs and those suspected of drug possession.

For three individuals, this scenario was played out before their eyes, and they suddenly became part of the supporting cast. Recently, Florida officers began investigating a possible home that had been named in several traffic stops where drugs were found. Based upon this information, officers were granted a search warrant for the house.

During the early morning hours, police surrounded the house and demanded that its occupants come out. Police began to use a battering ram on the door, and as the occupants emerged, they were quickly restrained. Police then executed their search warrant. The officers claim to have found several bags of marijuana, prescription drugs and ammunition. Based upon this discovery, the three individuals were arrested and charged with drug possession.

Each one of these individuals has been charged and now must answer to these charges in a Florida court. Prior to this occurring, each will want to discuss their individual situation with an experienced attorney. Drug possession is a serious charge, and those accused will want to be sure that they have someone on their side making sure that their rights are protected.

Source:, “Early-morning FHP swat-style raid dismantles drug ring, arrests 3”, Erik von Ancken, Dec. 2, 2016


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