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Drug suspect from Key Largo arrested on drug possession charge

A Florida man was charged for drug-related activity recently after police reported that they pulled the man over for allegedly not wearing a seatbelt. The man was arrested on a recent Thursday in late July, police say. The drug possession charge was for his supposedly having cocaine.

A Monroe County Sheriff’s Office detective, as well as a Drug Enforcement Administration agent, were patrolling a neighborhood when the detective noticed that a driver was not wearing his seatbelt, the arrest report said. When the police conducted the traffic stop, they discovered that the 22-year-old driver’s passenger was a 35-year-old man who is an alleged drug dealer. Police had busted the passenger two days before at the same exact spot for carrying crack cocaine, a small amount of marijuana, as well as almost $2,000 in cash.

The driver was booked due to the fact that he supposedly had items in his vehicle which may have contained cocaine residue. In addition, packages of a medication used to treat opioid addiction were found in his wallet, but he could not provide the detective with the prescription, the Sheriff’s Office said. He was booked at 10:22 p.m. and release the following afternoon.

In Florida cases like these, the prosecution has the burden of proving any drug possession charge beyond a reasonable doubt. The seriousness of the allegations mandate that each defendant focus on the specifics of the charges alongside his legal counsel. The nature of the original traffic stop, as well as the procedures employed by law enforcement officers before and after the arrest, may warrant careful scrutiny. Moreover, the specific location of the drugs within the vehicle may also play an important role in the defense strategy of the accused individual.

Source:, “Key Largo drug suspect arrested”, Gwen Filosa, Aug. 5, 2016


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