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High school student fighting drug possession charge

A high school-age teen was jailed recently after authorities say they found cocaine and Xanax pills in his bedroom. The 16-year-old Key West teen was jailed earlier this week on a drug possession charge. When Florida residents are accused of similar crimes, they typically do not choose to fight the charges alone.

The high school sophomore and his 35-year-old mother got into a heated argument on Tuesday morning after his mother, while attempting to wake him for school, said she found what appeared to be a powdery white line on top of the teen’s video game case, the arrest report said. The mother flushed what she believed to be cocaine down the toilet, then returned to his room in order to confront him, at which point she saw a small plastic baggie under his pillow, the police said. When the boy tried to grab the baggie back from his mother, she told him to leave the house.

A heated altercation between the teen and his mother ensued, which lead his stepfather to call the police around 7:16 a.m. Officers located 6.9 grams of cocaine, 16 Xanax pills, as well as $600 in cash, located in the teen’s possession. The teen admitted they were his drugs, but said he found the Xanax in a parking lot, while admitting that he had purchased the cocaine for $400, although he later said that he had found it. He was taken to Stock Island’s county jail.

As in any Florida criminal court proceedings such as this one, the prosecution has the burden of proving the drug possession charges the teen faces beyond a reasonable doubt. The seriousness of the allegations mandate that the defendant focus on the specifics of the charges alongside his legal counsel. Typically, when Florida residents are accused of drug possession charges, they take the charges seriously and consult experienced criminal defense attorneys.

Source:, “Student charged with drug possession after stepdad calls the police”, Gwen Filosa, May 7, 2016


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