Two men now face federal drug charges after they allegedly sold large amounts of cocaine and heroine. The drugs were sold to law enforcement officers who were working undercover, the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office claims. When a Florida residents is accused of selling drugs and is facing a federal drug charge, the individual often chooses to consult an experienced criminal defense attorney.

A federal grand jury located in Tampa recently indicted a 35-year-old man as well as a 33-year-old man. They were charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine and heroine, as well as possession of those drugs, the sheriff’s office said. According to the authorities, the two men sold these drugs on several occasions, beginning in October 2015.

During the investigation into the pair’s alleged drug selling, deputies claim that around 9 grams of heroin and almost 43 grams of rock cocaine were sold by the pair. When the first man was arrested on Thursday, he was supposedly carrying around 2 grams of heroin on him. When the second man was arrested the next day, he allegedly had around 13 grams of heroin, the sheriff’s office says.

The accused individuals will be entitled by law to criminal defenses, including separate representation by attorneys during the pending legal proceedings in a Florida federal court. A federal drug charge often comes with potentially severe penalties, should a conviction ultimately be secured. As such, individuals facing such serious charges typically choose to work with a criminal defense attorney who is highly experienced with defending against a federal drug charge.  

Source:, “Manatee sheriff: 2 face federal charges of dealing heroin, cocaine“, Jan. 29, 2016