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Florida man accused of marijuana drug trafficking

A man was recently arrested on several drug-related charges. In addition to a charge for drug trafficking, the man was also charged with marijuana trafficking and marijuana production. When Florida residents are faced with the prospect of fighting similar accusations and charges, they typically consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

The man suspected of drug trafficking was arrested at a residence in Lehigh Acres on a recent Monday in January. The 55-year-old Miami man allegedly had a marijuana growing operation within the residence. He was booked but released from jail the next day on bond.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office received an anonymous report to which one deputy responded. At the residence, the deputy said that the odor of marijuana was detected and a loud buzzing noise seemed to be emanating from within the home. During a subsequent investigation, authorities found drainage pipes exiting the home, and they also noticed that an air conditioning unit and a water pump were constantly turning off and on. A search warrant was later executed at the residence, at which point over 100 marijuana plants were allegedly discovered.

The charges this man is facing are merely formal accusations. He has yet to be convicted of any crime and will be fully within his rights to contest both the police’s accusations as well as the proof on which their accusations are based. One of the main focal points of the defense counsel may prove to be the constitutional protections that prevent unreasonable searches and seizures. The punishment for drug trafficking in Florida ranges from a minimum of three years to a maximum of a life sentence in prison — depending upon the quantity and type of drug. Florida residents who are facing a drug trafficking charge typically consult an experienced criminal defense attorney to assist them in preparing a strong defense.

Source:, “Florida man operated elaborate grow house in SWFL”, Michael Braun, Jan. 19, 2016


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