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11 people arrested in Florida drug trafficking case

Individuals accused of drug trafficking can face stiff penalties if and when a conviction is obtained by government prosecutors. Florida police have become especially vigilant in regard to the usage and selling of drugs, particularly when drugs are being sold as part of a larger operation. A recent months-long investigation into drug trafficking is said to have produced 11 arrests and 65 pounds of meth. 

Police say they discovered that the drugs were being transported from Mexico, then through cities in two other states before being routed to Central Florida. This past spring, officials reportedly found the leader of the drug operation. Supposedly,  he was receiving the drugs, then distributing them to others to sell. Earlier this month, police say they busted the ring leader while he was trying to transport over 13 pounds of meth in his truck. This was one of many drug busts in Polk County since July.

Another bust in Bradenton uncovered 20 pounds of meth. In this case, investigators found that the drugs were being packaged and concealed as Mexican candy. In another incident, deputies apparently found another 2.5 pounds of meth at a local home. This discovery led to three more arrests, all of them purportedly tied to the ring leader of the meth operation. Several other subsequent arrests were made, including the arrest of the man who is suspected to have been cooking the meth.

All 11 of these individuals face a variety of drug-related charges. However, they will also each be entitled to a criminal defense and legal representation at every stage of the proceedings. Because drug trafficking violations come with severe penalties, those in Florida accused of these crimes typically choose to consult with an experienced defense attorney to provide guidance and support in defending against the accusations.




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