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Defense against drug sales charges in Florida

Charges relating to the sale or purchase of drugs means that a Florida resident is at risk of spending years behind bars if a conviction occurs. At Ian F. Mann, PA, we have seen virtually every kind of drug sales allegation under the Florida sun, and we want you to still be able to enjoy that sun when your case is through. We will aggressively defend your rights, and we will do everything we can in our legal advisory capacity to try and make this possible for you. 

One of the keys to our practice is helping individuals in every aspect of their criminal defense. First, we complete a detailed interview with our client to make sure we know his or her version of what happened completely and thoroughly. Second, we look at all the evidence, eyewitness testimony and other information that the prosecution has gathered to be used against our client. Third, we test the evidence to see if it could be viewed to support the prosecution’s allegations under current legal statutes that apply to the case.

Further investigation, evidence gathering and more interviews with witnesses may be required to build up our client’s defense. It is also necessary to educate our client fully and completely on his or her current situation. Most importantly, our clients need to understand their chances of a conviction and the potential punishments related to a conviction in order to evaluate the risks of going to trial.

In cases where drug sales allegations cannot be readily dropped or dismissed, every criminal defendant will need to decide on the best decision in his or her case: plead guilty, try to negotiate a plea bargain for reduced punishments, and/or plead not guilty and refute the prosecution’s arguments for conviction. At the Law Office of Ian F. Man, we will use our 15-years of defense experience to advise you on your most appropriate steps and safeguard your rights to the fullest extent of Florida law. 


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