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Troubled family now facing drug possession charges

Many Florida readers are aware of the recent stabbing death of a 24-year-old man who was attacked and killed by his own brother. The incident took place on a recent Friday night, and when authorities searched the family’s home as part of the investigation, they allegedly found an unspecified quantity of marijuana within the home. That led to the father of the two brothers being arrested and charged with drug possession and intent to sell or deliver.

It is unclear whether the home contained marijuana plants or if the substance was found in a different form. The police report indicates that the volume of marijuana seized was in excess of 20 grams. It is also unclear what led police to assert that the substance was being prepared for sale.

In making a case against an individual charged with possession of drugs with the intent to distribute, the prosecution must demonstrate that the individual was engaged in activity that clearly indicates the intent to sell or distribute the drugs. Simply finding a quantity of drugs within a property is not enough to reach that conclusion. In addition, in this case it may be difficult to determine which member(s) of the household were in possession of the substance.

This Florida family is certainly in dire straits as they navigate the death of one child and the potential criminal charges against another. At the same time, the father is now facing serious criminal charges related to drug possession and intent to deliver. Regardless of what events led to the altercation between the two brothers and the resulting police investigation, there is no doubt that the family is experiencing a difficult time and is in need of support, both emotional and legal.  

Source:, “Father of Brevard stabbing victim faces drug charges“, Chris Bonanno, May 1, 2015


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