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Man faces drug possession and weapon charges

Being accused of a drug-related crime can be one of a person’s worst experiences. The individual may naturally be worried about being convicted of his or her drug possession charges and concerned about the penalties that could result from such a conviction. One man in Florida was recently arrested on charges of drug possession, as well as weapon charges.

Police said they received a report about a burglary in late April and arrived at an apartment complex. While there, they reportedly discovered forced-entry signs. A search warrant was obtained for the apartment and the car belonging to its 25-year-old occupant.

After searching the apartment, authorities allegedly discovered marijuana. They also uncovered drug paraphernalia, firearms, 12 tablets of the drug alprazolam and more than $82,000 in cash. Police said they also searched the car and found more than 20 pounds of marijuana in a shipping box, along with a stolen firearm. The man faces several charges, including possessing marijuana and intending to distribute it, possessing a firearm while committing a felony and possessing drug paraphernalia and a controlled substance with no prescription.

Prosecutors may present the man with a plea deal, which could result in lesser charges and, therefore, a lighter sentence. Otherwise, the man may go to trial in an attempt to battle the allegations. The man’s criminal defense team may wish to pay specific attention to the evidence the prosecution plans to use to support the drug possession and weapons charges. It is the job of the criminal defense team to make sure that the man’s rights are not violated at any point during the Florida criminal proceedings.

Source:, “Man arrested on drug, weapon charges“, Trista Pruett, April 22, 2015


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