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3 questions to ask following a drug possession charge

Attorneys who represent Florida defendants in drug possession cases will try to zero in on specific questions relating to your case in order to determine the best strategy for your defense. If you answer “no” to any of the following questions, it may be a good sign that you have a viable defense against your drug possession charges. In many cases, you may require legal assistance to appropriately answer these questions.

First, did the arresting officers have a legitimate search warrant when they searched your person, property or vehicle? Officers must obtain a valid search warrant prior to performing a search that leads to an arrest. However, in some situations they do not require a warrant. For example, if an officer sees narcotics visible on the seat of your car, he may be able to enter your car to perform a search.

Second, did officers conduct your search, seizure or traffic stop legally? It may be that the officer did not have a legitimate reason to stop your vehicle. For example, if you were obeying traffic laws, the officer may not have had a valid reason to pull you over and any resulting arrest and charges for drug crimes that happened during the traffic stop may be nullified.

Third, did you know that the drug at issue was in your possession? Drugs might have been in an accused person’s vicinity but that does not mean that they were in the possession of the person. A defense attorney can try to illuminate the fact that you did not even know that the drugs were present in specific circumstances. 

Attorney Ian F. Mann explores every potential defense in the Florida drug possession cases he takes on. As an ex-prosecuting attorney, Attorney Mann uses legal strategies to try and dismantle the claims and evidence brought against you in court. His ultimate goal in your case will be to limit the chance of conviction and/or limit the severity of any punishments in the event that a conviction occurs. 


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