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What information is needed in a prescription drug crime defense?

No matter the circumstances of the prescription drug crime arrest, all Florida residents who are accused of prescription drug possession will have the right to a criminal defense. In order to successfully defend against a prescription drug crime, though, a defense attorney will require specific documentation from his or her client. Sometimes, this information is personal in nature.

First, your defense attorney will request that you provide him or her with the arrest record relating to your prescription drug possession charges. Each time you are arrested, the police prepare a special arrest report. This report is vital to the defense of your case because it indicates the nature of your arrest and the circumstances under which your arrest occurred.

Your defense attorney will also want a copy of your police file, which will contain pictures, notes, maps and information from interviews relating to your arrest and charges. The police file will also contain additional information that was uncovered by authorities during the investigation of your alleged crime. It will further contain details about the evidence that authorities have collected and plan to use against you in court.

Your criminal record will be important because, if you have been arrested before, this could negatively affect your case and elevate the severity of your potential charges in the event that you are convicted. Conversely, if your criminal background is clean, it could help you in your case. Finally, your medical records will be essential to any prescription drug defense. In some cases, for example, prescription drug crime charges can be easily defended against with proof of a valid prescription for the medication from your Florida doctor. Further, proof that you suffered from a medical condition requiring you to take the medication could also support your case.

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