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State and federal drug crime charges in Florida

State police and federal authorities are actively on the look out for suspected drug offenders in the state of Florida. In most cases, drug crimes fall under state jurisdiction, and the accused must face the charges in the state court system. However, in some situations, the charges are considered to be a federal drug crime, in which case it will be necessary for the matter to be tried in federal court.

There are a variety of circumstances in which a drug crimes case might fall under federal jurisdiction. For example, if you are accused of possessing or using drugs on federal land — like a federal game reserve or a federal park — then your case will likely be prosecuted in the federal system. Also, if you are accused of drug trafficking across state lines, or drug delivery by way of the mail system, then you could also find yourself facing federal charges. 

Attorney Ian F. Mann has been helping those accused of both state and federal drug crimes for over 15 years. He has extensive experience defending individuals accused of all manner of drug crimes in Cape Coral, Fort Myers and all of Southwest Florida. He is also a former prosecuting attorney, so he is intimately familiar with the way prosecutors work to convict accused individuals of drug crimes, and he knows the best strategies for defending against those tactics. 

No matter how serious your charges are, and no matter how severe your potential punishments happen to be, Attorney Ian F. Mann is ready to help. Even in Florida cases where the prosecution has brought forward a great deal of viable evidence to convict you, if you are accused of a state or federal drug crime, you will have legal defense options at your disposal. In many circumstances, those alternatives serve improve your situation dramatically in the eyes of the law.


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