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Drug possession and drug paraphernalia charges

A wide range of individuals get arrested for the possession of marijuana, heroin, cocaine and other types of controlled substances, like prescription medications. In addition to drug possession, arrests are also possible for the possession of paraphernalia related to drugs. For this reason, it is crucial to gain an understanding of the various types of drug paraphernalia as defined by Florida laws.

Florida readers may not know that even the most common of household items — like a spoon — could be construed as drug paraphernalia if authorities discover them in the right context. For example, did police find 10 kilos of marijuana in the backseat of a Chevy Malibu, in addition to 1,000 little plastic bags? It is likely that police will try and charge the individual with drug paraphernalia possession relating to those little plastic bags.

Other examples of drug paraphernalia could be different kinds of pipes, including glass pipes, water pipes, bongs and other varieties. Miniature spoons used to snort cocaine — usually smaller than a tenth of a square centimeter — could also lead to a charge of paraphernalia possession. Items commonly used for the distribution or production of drugs — like scales, balloons, bags and different types of chemicals — are commonly characterized as drug paraphernalia. 

It is not uncommon for a Florida resident arrested on a drug possession charge to also be charged with a paraphernalia possession. Therefore, defending against the drug charge will also involve defending against the paraphernalia charge. Just because you face a drug possession or drug paraphernalia charge does not mean you are guilty, and you have every right to challenge the accusations and the evidence upon which they are based. An experienced criminal lawyer may offer you support and guidance in defending your rights.

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