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4 arrested in Florida drug trafficking bust

A Florida drug bust involving an alleged marijuana grow house has resulted in four arrests. Police say that the marijuana growing and drug trafficking operation was operating throughout the city of North Port. Authorities executed multiple search warrants on houses that had reportedly been converted into indoor pot growing farms.

Three men and one woman were arrested. Authorities say that the investigation into the growing operation is ongoing, so more suspects could be identified at a later time. The investigation is being completed by the Special Investigations Unit of the North Port Police Department.

One of the men faces charges relating to drug paraphernalia and drug trafficking. Another man faces charges of drug manufacturing, drug selling, drug trafficking and narcotics paraphernalia dealing. Another man faces charges of drug manufacturing and trafficking, in addition to grand theft. This man was also accused of renting a property for the purpose of selling, manufacturing and/or trafficking drugs. The woman faces charges of selling, trafficking and/or manufacturing drugs.

These individuals will remain completely innocent of their alleged crimes in the eyes of the Florida court system until and unless prosecutors are actually able to prove otherwise. During their criminal proceedings,each will have the ability to defend him- or herself against the drug trafficking and charges and other criminal allegations. Depending on the nature of the charges and evidence brought forward against the accused in these cases, some of the arrested individuals may be able to obtain a verdict of not guilty and/or get his or her charges dismissed. Others may try to achieve other favorable results during the course of the proceedings, like getting charges reduced and/or achieving sentencing reductions in the event of a conviction.

Source: ABC Fort Myers Naples Port Charlotte, “Four arrests after North Port grow house discovery“, Nov. 5, 2014


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