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Why did my cocaine charge get classified as a federal drug crime?

Although the rules and regulations governing marijuana have changed in some states, when it comes to cocaine, the substance is still just as illegal as ever. Indeed, Florida state officials are particularly steadfast in their targeting of potential offenders for arrest and conviction on cocaine-related offenses, and federal officials even more so. When it comes to federal law, though, because federal drug crime conviction could come with longer time spent in jail and limited possibility for parole, if you are accused of a federal drug charge, a well-thought out and strategic defense strategy may be required. But how do you end up in the federal system in the first place?

Technically, any person who is charged with a drug offense — no matter what kind — could find him- or herself in the federal court system. However, there are several factors that could virtually guarantee federal involvement in a case. For example, if a federal officer arrests you, it is likely that your matter will fall under federal jurisdiction. Being arrested by a federal officer could be as simple as being arrested in a national park with a small amount of cocaine, or it could involve being taken into custody during a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) drug bust.

Another way that many people get ensnared in a federal drug case is if another person who was arrested by federal officers informed them. Sometimes accused individuals can gain leniency if they agree to be an informant. Finally, state prosecutors might make a private agreement with federal prosecutors to hand over a case to federal jurisdiction in certain circumstances.

It does not matter what kind of federal drug crime one is accused of, the potential punishments can be serious for those who are convicted. Those accused of federal cocaine charges in Florida can benefit from speaking with an experienced drug crimes defense lawyer. Attorney Ian F. Mann brings 15 years of experience to the table and has tried over 100 cases — he is here to help you with any questions you may have about your case and he can develop a criminal defense strategy that has the highest probability of success.

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