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Florida couple arrested on gun and drug trafficking charges

A Florida couple has been taken into custody on charges of gun and drug trafficking. Allegedly, the drug trafficking charges relate to various prescription drugs, and 47 guns that have since been seized by authorities. Police say they discovered thousands of dollars of cash while making the arrest.

The gun and drug trafficking arrest occurred in Pasco County and was carried out by the Pasco County Sheriff’s Department. According to investigators, they received a tip from a local business owner. The tip led to a year-plus long undercover investigation by deputies. Both a 55-year-old man and his girlfriend were ultimately arrested in the case.

In addition to the drugs, guns and cash, authorities also seized the man’s carpet business in Zephyrhills. According to the man’s neighbor, he never imagined that such a seemingly normal person could have been involved in illegal activity. Nevertheless, investigators for the sheriff’s department say that the man’s alleged gun and drug trafficking activities were anything but normal.

Whenever a drug trafficking arrest occurs in the state of Florida, it will be impossible to know the complete story through a simple news article. This is one reason why very person who is accused of a crime — including the man and woman in the instant case — will have the ability to defend him or herself in a court of law. Furthermore, barring the prosecution’s ability to prove an accused person’s guilt beyond reasonable doubt in court, an accused person will remain innocent of the charges.

Source:, “Man, girlfriend arrested for guns, drugs“, Kendra Conlon, July 29, 2014


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