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Drug possession charge against Mr. Cocaine is dropped

Prosecutors have decided to drop the drug charges that were brought against a South Florida man named Edward Cocaine. The man was arrested and being held in jail following a routine traffic stop, which resulted in the search of his motor vehicle. Police claim that they discovered Xanax medication that was not in a properly labeled container, which was ultimately the reason for his drug possession charge arrest.

Initially, police pulled the man’s car over because his license plate was not visible. Cocaine faces a traffic citation relating to that offense, too; however, now that his drug possession charges have been dropped, he plans on fighting that citation as well. He says that road garbage was the reason for his hidden plate and that it is not his fault.

Allegedly, the Xanax pills found by police officers were in an improperly marked bottle. Nevertheless, by showing the court proof that he was prescribed the Xanax by a physician for back pain he suffered due to a workplace accident, he was able to gain this favorable result in court. Prosecutors immediately dropped these charges against Mr. Cocaine when it was clear that he was not in violation of any drug possession laws.

Police in Florida do not always arrest individuals appropriately for a crime. Sometimes, mistakes can be made during an arrest, and an innocent person is charged with a crime that he or she clearly did not commit. In other matters, such as in this case, the police may have no way of determining whether an individual has a prescription for a medication. This man clearly did have a prescription, so it was a process of showing that proof to the court in order to obtain his release and get his drug possession charge dropped. Other matters may not be so cut and dry, but through a rigorously planned criminal defense, some may be able to obtain similarly favorable results.

Source:, “Florida Man Named Cocaine Has Drug Charges Dropped“, Chris Joseph, May 22, 2014


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