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Multiple federal drug trafficking arrests made in Florida

According to federal authorities, several men from Florida planned to smuggle approximately 1,000 pounds of pot into the United States. Authorities say that the men hoped to give the marijuana to drug dealers in Broward County who would distribute it and sell it illegally. The men accused of federal drug trafficking charges were reportedly unaware that the boat captain in charge of conveying the marijuana was actually an undercover federal agent working for the Drug Enforcement Administration.

The undercover agent apparently said that he thought he would be collecting even more marijuana than he actually picked up. In the end, he only picked up 540 pounds of the drug. This is a great deal of marijuana in light of the fact that pot allegedly holds a potential street value of $600 to $2,500 a pound.

The arrested men are from Miami Gardens and Tamarac, and they are 29 and 28 years of age. Authorities claim that the men made a cut into one of the marijuana packages and sniffed it prior to putting the packages into their vehicle. Authorities say that the men agreed to help them identify the 60-year-old man to whom they were supposed to deliver the drugs. Authorities reportedly switched the real pot out for fake pot, delivered it to the third man and ultimately arrested him, along with two of his sons.

Authorities say that the arrested Florida men were frank and up front about the various details pertaining to their drug dealing activities. However, their alleged confessions in this regard, may or may not have been obtained in a legal fashion, and therefore, their admissibility as evidence during their Federal drug trafficking criminal proceedings may be subject to challenge. Each accused man will have the opportunity to defend himself against the crimes he has been charged with, and no conviction is possible absent compelling proof that meets the strict requirements of our federal criminal justice system.

Source: Sun Sentinel, “1,000-pound marijuana deal went sour for South Florida men“, Paula McMahon, April 23, 2014


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